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Kicking Off Summer Term with a Fun Mixer (Bruna Almeida)

Last week was the first week of our Summer Term. We always get new students at our Language Center, so we have a Mixer to help everyone get to know each other. New students can meet their classmates and also our staff. 

The students get very excited about the Mixer, especially because we plan fun games. This term, we decided to have a treasure hunt. Students received a sheet with several yes/no questions about their break, and they needed to find people who answered “yes” to the questions and write their names on the paper. 

We included some funny questions to make the game more fun. This activity helps students meet others from different levels and make new friends. Over the years, we have seen students from different levels become friends, hang out after class, and go out together. Since they come from different countries, they have to practice English outside of the classroom. 

Here is a look at what our Mixers are like:

Our Summer Term Mixer is more than just a way to meet new people. It helps create a friendly and fun atmosphere for the term. We are excited to see the new friendships that will form in the coming weeks!

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