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Host Families

Staying with a host family is ideal if you want to interact with the American community full-time. A host family provides you with a true English immersion experience and first-hand exposure to American culture. By staying with a host family, you will have the opportunity to practice English every day and your conversational skills will improve quickly.

Host families will provide you with a private bedroom and a private or shared bathroom. They will help you get to the school, including showing you how to take public transportation. Available meal plans vary by location.


If you are looking for more independence while you learn English in the USA, you can rent your own apartment. There are many apartments within walking distance or easy public transportation of LCI’s facilities. You may also choose to have a roommate. Many students like having roommates because it allows them to share costs and is a good opportunity to make friends. LCI can provide you with resources to help you find a suitable apartment.


LCI English students may also choose to stay at a hotel. Although this is a more expensive option, some students prefer the convenience and privacy of a hotel. Hotels offer such amenities as high-speed wireless Internet, laundry service, fitness centers and indoor or outdoor pools. LCI can assist you in finding a hotel close to our facilities.

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