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The chart below details the level system at LCI Language Centers. Students at LCI are tested using the CaMLA English Placement Test for proper placement in their English classes. Each level requires 9 weeks for completion.

LCI Level ETS Score Description IELTS TOEFL pBT TOEFL iBT CEFR Level
1 Basic 0-4.0 310-397 0-31 A1
2 Low Beginner 0-4.0 310-397 0-31 A2
3 Beginner 0-4.0 310-397 0-31 A2
4 High Beginner 0-4.0 310-397 0-31 B1
5 Low Intermediate 5.0 417-450 35-45 B1
6 Intermediate 6.0 497-547 60-78 B2
7 High Intermediate 6.5 550-583 79-93 B2

To see the language skills achieved at each level, please see our Proficiency Chart.

LCI’s seven level correspondences are based on research studies and data provided by Education Testing Services (ETS), the British Council and the internationally recognized CEFR system (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), which was developed by the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE).

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