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Since 1995, we have made quality teaching the cornerstone of all LCI programs. During that time, we have been constantly perfecting our teaching method to ensure that our students learn faster and more effectively. Our approach combines several teaching methodologies to address the needs of students learning English in the USA, both academically and culturally.

• No Translation

Both student and teacher speak only in the language being learned in LCI classes, so you will think and speak in English from the beginning. This is one of the major benefits of learning English in the USA with students from all over the world.

• Teacher Rotation

When possible, LCI schedules classes and levels with a variety of teachers. Having different instructors allows our students to experience various accents, speaking speeds, teaching styles and personalities. This will expose you to many different pronunciations and vocabularies, ensuring that you understand the language in a variety of situations.

• Student-Centered Classroom

What is most important at LCI are our students and their classroom experience every day. We create a student-centered classroom that allows our students to ask questions and take risks in an open, friendly environment. Our ultimate goal is to increase your motivation and comfort level, which are the most important components of the learning process.

• Integrated Skills

Our English programs focus on developing your English proficiency in grammar, listening, speaking, reading and writing. We work to balance our students’ progress in fluency and accuracy in every class, every day.

• Real-Life Settings

We want to help students use their English skills in real-life situations. We build upon traditional education to encourage the use of language in a variety of different settings that are relevant and valuable to the learner.

By way of group work, role playing, and other communicative devices, students engage more fully in their learning. As a result, deeper understanding of the language and better literacy and communication skills are mastered for long-term achievements.

In addition, learning at LCI does not stop when class is over. A cultural component to assist students in their adaptation to life in the United States is part of all of our programs. We organize activities to help our students use their English in the real world, and to have fun while they are doing it.

• Variety of Materials & Activities

We use highly acclaimed academic books, CDs, DVDs and online tools so you can learn English by reading, writing, listening and speaking. In addition, our teachers use a variety of activities to challenge and activate our students.

Materials and activities can include the following:

• Regular Assessments

All students who enroll at LCI have an English language assessment to ensure placement in the appropriate level. Regular testing and assessments will help us track your progress and make sure we are meeting your educational needs while you are learning English in the USA.

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